Ep 21 – 10 Aug 2017 – ..Putting the man-in..

…Manifesto.. LMGTFY!!!

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http://dentonstation.co.uk/agm/ Review: 4/5

Comment: It’s nice. Not sure it’s 3 x best cafe nice, but the coffee is good and pretty relaxed in there. Good for a chat, probably less so to do a work thang though.

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News and Links


Material Conf – 17th Aug – Iceland

ScalaWorld – 8 – 13th Sept – Lake District

SwanseaCon – 25th & 26th Sept – Swansea

ContainerSched – 28th Sept – London

Lambda World – 30th Sept – 1st Oct – Cadiz

DockerCon Eu -16th – 18th Oct – Copenhagen

Velocity EU -17th – 20th Oct – London

Scala IO -2nd & 3rd Nov – Paris, France

MuCon – 6th Nov – London, UK

Meaning Conf – 16th Nov – London, UK

Functional Conf – 16 – 19th Nov – Bangalore, India

ChainConf -7th Dec – London, UK

ScalaX -14th-15th Dec – London, UK

Lambda Days – 22nd – 23rd Feb – Krakow, Poland

ScalaX -14th-15th Dec – London, UK

That’s all folks!

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