Ep 5 – 28 Oct 2016 – ..the LOD prob said it best when they said..

..Urgh…. WHAT A RUSH!!!… as ever, we start the chat late, and then run for the door.. All Sofia’s fault..

Location: Sampa Coffee, 75 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TJ, London, UK

Order: 1 x Berlin Pancakes without cream, crumbs or mint but + Breakfast tea, 1 x Avocado on Toast with poached egg + Mocha coffee

Review: 4/5

Comment: Been here before. Really great place tbh, but very small. In fact, that’s the main reason it doesn’t get a full 5, as there’s a slight sense of being penned in a little and it gets busy. Quickly. Also, the basement feels like the last place in London you’d really want to be seated. Otherwise, nice coffee. Nice food. Nice location.

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