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Ep 14 – 15 Mar 2017 – ..moar of the guests! yay!..

http://frazerllp.com/?_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9oDidrCxqKcDrb_cdZU-Vqsu4ZUFeIWtJMWkKHt_LLvBfhdABo3RN9UZ5VIUnVCqOFwVC_ …More McLovin’ with Dave and Martin and additionally joined by Noel and Danielle (thanks guys) !! Location: Dishoom, 5 Stable Street, London N1C 4AB Order: 6 dishes.. too many to note.. a Chicken Ruby Murray was one though! Review: 4.5/5 Comment: Nice location, nice decoration, nice food, good service. Bit too noisy to record from there, and we were in a read more …


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