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Ep 9 – 22 Dec 2016 – ..The naughty Xmas elves have taken over !!

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Sadly, no recording this time due to various (mainly tech) issues. Site is up to date with links on: AWS, bacon, deep learning, DI, docker, drone, Grafter, IoT, morning paper, netflix, nyan cat, Play, pony lang, sbt, Scala Exchange, serverless, Shapeless, UK region, Zalando. Happy Xmas, New Year and Best for 2017 all! Where bytes read more …


Ep 9 – 22 Dec 2016 – ..it’s beginning to feel a lot like Xmas..

…or Bublé Time as it’s otherwise known…  Location: n/a Order: n/a Review: n/a Comment: Sadly, issues abounded with the recording this time around!! 🙁 Starting with commute pain, followed swiftly by lack of time then dodgy audio to round out the hat trick. Still, the links are still gold, so pls enjoy! Back for more chewing over tech in the new year! read more …


Ep 8 – 05 Dec 2016 – ..the run up to ScalaX 16, otherwise known as..

…Hell Week or The Reckoning…  Location: Workshop Coffee, 27 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5RN, UK Order: 1 x Poached egg on toast + Breakfast Tea, 1 x Poached egg, halloumi and avocado on toast  + Mocha coffee Review: 5/5 Comment: Breakfasts are generally the best time for Workshop as the place can get rammed. When it’s good, it’s very read more …